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"Think Like A Pony" a ministry of the Tin Can Bay Community Church.... We have been teaching our own 6 children Natural Horsemanship for the last 3 years, it has released their riding ability and confidence in the saddle. From our youngest horses to the old ponies all our horses are responding better with the new skills our children have learned We are committed to providing our customers with products and services from the most reliable and reputable online shopping sites. We hope you enjoy your visit and return to buckaroohorsemanship.com often!

THINK LIKE A PONY HORSEMANSHIP PROGRAM Learn Love, Language and Leadership for you and your horse.

WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT You learn to tie a rope with a horsemans knot, groom and catch your horse.

LOVE is about not hurting or punishing your horse, building a relationship and playing the friendly game which involves rubbing the horse all over.

LANGUAGE is about learning and understanding your horse and being able to communicate with it through the use of steady pressure and rythmic pressure.

LEADERSHIP is the hardest to learn but the most important, everytime you handle a horse you become a herd of two and you have to be the leader of that herd. Leadership is about being able to control your horse listening to your que's It's also about the horse knowing that you're the leader. Once the horse understands your leadership, its a lot easier to get things done with your horse.

OUR PROGRAM IS UNIQUE Some of our horses have come to us through sad circumstances and some have experienced forms of abuse or neglect in the past, some we have raised from foals. These horses each have their own stories of triumph and hope, each horse is paired with one leader and one child for a 60 minute private lesson.

The lessons are flexible, allowing that time to best serve the unique needs of children, each child is nutured by a leader who shares in his or her individual tears and victories.

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